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  Progressive Conservative Judaism

Hazzan Lance H Tapper

Notes From the Hazzan

​Now that we are post-Shavuot and into the “Jewish” summer months, we pause to enjoy our festivals had and spent together this year.  In our tradition, the summer was always a time to relax and spend time contemplating the great moral teachings the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy.  

The great lessons and parables all teach us how better to construct and reconstruct our lives to better fulfil our destiny here on earth. During this month, I will focus on these teachings in my sermons and study sessions to better prepare us for the new year to come which is only a few short months away.  

Change and re-examination help us to fulfill what is best for us in the long run and not short term.  We must always look at this in long-range planning and feel where it will take us to more appropriate ways of creating a community.

 -Hazzan Lance H. Tapper