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  Progressive Conservative Judaism

Hazzan Lance H Tapper

Notes From the Hazzan

​Dear Friends,

October provides us with the gateway to the Fall.  In our tradition that comes from Europe, this Jewish month is known as Marcheshvan or the “bitter” month of Cheshvan since in Europe it begins to get darker and colder at this point in the year.  Usually for us, in the greater southern California area, the weather stays warm, and in some years, downright hot.  We might experience the “bitterness” of Cheshvan in a slightly different way. 

Our tradition teaches us that after the Yamim Noraim, if we have taken stock of our lives properly, we begin again with a new zeal and exuberance of life.  COVID-19 has been such a harsh reality for several of our fellow congregants that it sometimes feel hard to be able to find that in all that has happened over the past year and more.  We came together as a community in prayer, thanksgiving, and reflection.  Now, we must move forward as a community toward all that can be in our bright future. 

Join us in person when you can.  Join us online if you cannot join us in person.  But…join us.  We need you, we miss you, we care about you, we long for you.  Our sole purpose in being a small but still vibrant community is to make sure we connect with you.  Please connect with us.  We are continually here for you.
-Hazzan Lance H. Tapper