Progressive Conservative Judaism


Beth Shalom of Whittier

6726 Washington Ave, Whittier, CA 90601

Office: 562-941-8744 


2020-2021  5780-5781


1. Last Name ________________________First ______________ Hebrew Name_________________________ 2. Last Name ________________________First ______________ Hebrew Name_________________________ Address ____________________________________ City ____________________ Zip _________________ Phone: Home (___) ______ - _________

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Please send me Yahrzeit Notices for: ______________________________________D.O.D._________________Relationship___________________ ______________________________________D.O.D._________________Relationship___________________ ______________________________________D.O.D._________________Relationship___________________ I/We request membership at Beth Shalom of Whittier in the following category:

Membership includes High Holidays and all Life Cycle Events. Membership may be paid in 10 monthly billings.

_____ Family Membership

_____ Couple Membership

_____ Single Membership

_____ Student Membership

_____ Associate Membership  (Must be full member at another synagogue. No voting privileges)

Your membership is enriched when you participate directly in the various activities of the Congregation. Please list and/or select your special volunteer interests here.

 Fund Raising ____ Serving on the Board ____ House and Grounds ____ Band/Choir    

For the current fiscal year (July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021) we have declared a moratorium on Dues. This has been a transitional year for us and we appreciate those members who stayed with us through our move and were paid members last year or are new and would like to try us out without having to pay dues.  We do still need you to fill out this membership form for our records.  We will re-visit the dues issue during the year but rest assured that no one is ever turned away because of lack of ability to pay dues.

Thank you‚Äč

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